09.05.2017 Music for your political action: Innigo Kennedy “Plaintive”

“Are you happy that Macron won the election? At least France did not vote for a fascist.” Relieved and sad, yes. Not voted for fascists, yes. Not the majority, but a big minority. After a storm that broke less than expected.

Another big minority, namely 4 Million French citizens left their ballots blank. 4 Million French Melenchon supporter who could not stand up for an overarching goal of a strong support for a democratic candidate even if that was not exactly the candidate that they wanted. The discourse was very similar to the one that we saw in the US: “Clinton is also evil”. There is no evidence (at least none that I can refer to instantaneously) that individualism and self improvement of the individual causes the same to abandon the social bracket that it is living in: solidarity, or in french terms “Fraternity”. This olf-fashioned value that will make one stand a pain as long as it reduces the pain for many other people.

If the idea if fraternity is vacant now, what kind of democracy is then possible?

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