15.05.2017 Music for your political action: “Death of a star” by Norwell (Delta Funktionen Remix)

This needs more explanation. But not. My word-thoughts have been pondering over something else the past week. Then this track – to be back on track.

Btw, Delta Funktionen is an autodidact who, like many people in the synthesizer-DYI-electronic-techno-computer-music scene, taught himself to produce a track like the one you are listening to right now. When I recently visited went to the Superbooth in Berlin, a world famous exhibition and meeting for all things synthesizer, Eurorack modules and related. There is something very sane and peaceful around the minds of bastler, nerds and, computer musicians. I am still pondering over some more questions to ask and even more answers to find as to why that is but if I do write a post about it, you will find it on this blog for sure.

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