About this blog

Here, you will find personal blog posts and essays on topics around civil engineering, civil society, cognitive science, political psychology, creative technology and philosophy. I am intending to capture interesting moments for simple display but also use this as a platform to develop thoughts.

I believe that my personal struggle with my life choices is not a personal destiny but a symptom of a society that wad built on values of freedom and democracy yet is more relying on values of productivity and products. This has tremendous consequences on all our choices, and yet on how we see the world.

To make it more explicit what I am thinking about when I think about that, I am writing this blog. Please follow me.

Ah and yes, the name. It’s also a product, of course. Techno is music, techno is a social movement, techno is a mean to destroy people’s working places or improve people’s standard of living at the same time, techno shapes our environment and we shape it back, techno is more than the sum of its pieces, yet it cannot be all about it.